In the vibrant tapestry of the contemporary art scene, a self-taught artist named Rae stands out with a unique flair for mixed media artistry. Known for her imaginative use of vintage paper and abstract concepts, Rae wields a pair of scissors not just as a tool but as a symbol of transformation and creation.


Rae’s journey into art is a story of resilience and self-education. Growing up, Rae was often caught between the practicalities of life and daydreaming about her innate passion. Despite being advised to focus on a conventional future, Rae was drawn irresistibly towards the arts. This inclination led to the development of a philosophy Rae fondly refers to as “Rae-alistic,” an approach that beautifully intertwines her love for various art forms and enduring perseverance.

As a mixed media artist, Rae’s choice of materials is as unique as her educational path. Shunning traditional art supplies, Rae gravitates towards vintage papers, which she skillfully cuts and pieces together with an almost alchemical finesse. Each snip of the scissors is a deliberate act, transforming mundane materials into extraordinary works of art. This innovative use of everyday items is a testament to Rae’s creativity and a nod to her self-taught journey, utilizing accessible resources to create something deeply personal and universally resonant.

Rae’s Inspiration

Music, especially emotionally charged genres like hip-hop, plays a significant role in Rae’s art. Rhythms, beats, and lyrics find visual expression in her works, creating a harmonious blend of auditory and graphic elements. This self-guided exploration into different music genres adds layers of depth and movement to Rae’s creations.

Historical figures and the vibrancy of street art are other pivotal influences. Rae’s pieces reflect the boldness of street murals and graffiti, embracing these art forms’ fearless creativity and community connection. This aspect of her work demonstrates Rae’s commitment to making art that is not only visually appealing but also socially and historically informed.

Salvador Dali’s surrealistic art has been a significant influence, inspiring Rae to push the boundaries of conventional art. Like Dali, Rae blends reality with fantasy elements, creating a unique visual language that speaks of heritage and imagination.

Living the Dream

The beginning of Rae’s artistic journey was as humble as it was private, initially confined to her closet. This seclusion, however, lasted only a short time. As Rae’s art became known, it transitioned from hidden passion to public acclaim, leading to her art being showcased and sold in prestigious settings.

In 2018, Rae fully embraced her calling by pursuing art full time. This pivotal decision saw Rae collaborate with renowned galleries. She is now participating in notable art shows, solidifying her place as a formidable self-taught mixed media artist.

Today, Rae’s work is a beacon of creative resilience and ingenuity. Her “Rae-alistic” approach transcends traditional art, showcasing a life and career built on the rhythm of authentic self-expression. Rae’s journey inspires and reminds us that, with imagination, she can mold even the simplest tools and materials into profound artistic statements. To view Rae’s work and learn more about her art, visit her website.

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