Let’s go party! That’s what you’ll be saying come December when Aqua stops in Denver for their Barbie World Tour. On Saturday, December 15th, Aqua will turn Summit Music Hall into a volcanic eruption of glittery pink and banging beats.

The Danish Europop group’s current iteration is composed of vocalists René Dif and Lene Nystrøm along with keyboardist Søren Rasted. Together, they’re embarking on a 20-city world tour this fall, venturing to cities across the U.S. With the release of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie this past summer, the group is enjoying a renaissance of their facetious hit, “Barbie Girl.” As it was released in 1997, the band recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. This quirky song posed social commentary on consumerism, all while being one catchy tune.

Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice sampled the song for the official soundtrack of Barbie. “Barbie World” is a collaboration with a modern twist. It’s the soundtrack’s highest-charting hit, because of course it is. This remix proves the longevity of this classic earworm and of the band itself. Summer of Barbie? You mean summer of Aqua!

Contrary to what you may think, Aqua isn’t a one-hit wonder. The group actually released three albums throughout their career, selling an estimated 33 million units. They are the most successful Danish band to date, so the fact that most of us only know “Barbie Girl” is a travesty. Two other singles from Aquarium, “Turn Back Time” and “Doctor Jones,” reached #1, with the album peaking at #7 on the Billboard Hot 200.

Aqua will take over Summit Music Hall in downtown Denver. This multi-level venue is intimate but mighty, featuring a large bar and an epic sound system. Summit features two sections: the main venue and the smaller Moon Room front area. That room hosts local acts, while the whole venue, all 12,500 square feet of it, hosts the larger shows. Attendees still experience an intimate vibe while inside no matter which area is used. There’s no better place to catch Aqua and their high-energy yet melodic performance.

Though Aqua has toured consistently throughout the years, there’s no guarantee how long the trio will continue to do so. With the resurgence of “Barbie Girl” and the Barbie movie, Aqua’s popularity is through the roof and tickets will most likely sell out. If you want to catch this Europop sensation, buy your tickets today for the Aqua World Tour taking over Summit Music Hall on December 15th.

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