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Colorado Celebrates Another Successful Year of Reggae on the Rocks

Colorado Celebrates Another Successful Year of Reggae on the Rocks

Kate Chambers

August 26th, 2019

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Reggae on the Rocks is an annual Red Rocks event where thousands of reggae fans gather to dance the night away in Colorado. This event is all about celebrating the roots of reggae, as well as the big names of the music genre today. Reggae on the Rocks 2019 was a major success with it being a sold out event full of positive vibes. After 20+ years of doing this, this concert series continue to impress everyone each year again and again. This year especially, can be said as being one of the best years of Reggae on the Rocks.

This event opened with Judge Roughneck gracing the stage first. Meanwhile, DJ Mackie filled the intermissions and kept the Colorado crowd pumped up by mixing various reggae songs. After this, The Meditations and Morgan Heritage brought their old school reggae style to the stage and reminded us all where the genre began. Subsequently, Collie Buddz came on and played his whole set with a huge smile on his face. As the sun started to set, Protoje took the stage. Then, Rebelution put on a killer finale for the event with their impressive lasers and beautiful horns.

Rebelution Red Rocks in Colorado
Rebelution-Red Rocks-2019

The Reggae Fills up the Amphitheatre in Colorado

In short, the combination of old school reggae names and today’s generation of big reggae names mixed to create an event that highlights the progression of the genre. In turn, every person who graced the stage really outdid themselves. Because of this, the lineup was a perfect blend of old and new bands to grace the state of Colorado. Check out our photo gallery of the event below. Also, don’t miss out on shows going on the rest of the year and check out Party Guru’s Events page.

Protoje- Red Rocks- 2019

Photos by Kate Chambers

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