Wormhole Entertainment is owned and operated by Benji Hannus and Gleb Tchertkov. Party Guru Press recently had the opportunity to do an email interview with them to learn more about how Wormhole Entertainment came about, the talent they bring, their past events, and their most recent collaboration with Temple San Francisco and Temple Denver. Read the full interview below!


Party Guru Press: How did Wormhole Entertainment come about? How long have you guys been around?

Wormhole Entertainment began almost 9 years ago on the patio of an Oakland bar named Portal with the first ever Wormhole Wednesday and a small group of friends with a shared vision of bringing more bass music centered activity to the East Bay. In these early days, Wormhole Wednesday was a little 5-10PM happy hour style affair. After a couple years of ons and offs and bouncing from ill-fitting venue to ill-fitting venue, Wormhole suddenly found itself thriving each and every week with proper night time hours at Era Art Bar, before moving to a more permanent home at The New Parish. Throughout the years, we began to additionally through more and more elaborate productions outside of our weekly shindig between one-off events around the Bay Area to hosting our Untz Festival stage year after year. By 2018, we were throwing upwards of 75 events a year on top of our own active careers, so we decided to put a pause on the weekly to focus on our larger one-off events. Until now…

Party Guru Press: What is your goal with Wormhole entertainment? 

The goal of Wormhole has always been to gather a true community of music and art aficionados around a fully immersive audio and visual experience. The musical taste has always been bass heavy with the visual aesthetics widely considered psychedelic, and we have always placed a huge emphasis on creating an environment that stimulates all senses with DJs, VJs, painters, vendors, and more all with a huge value placed on community building and harm reduction. 

Party Guru Press: What talent do you bring?

Some of the many musical acts we’ve worked with over the years include CharlestheFirst, CloZee, Of the Trees, Yheti, G Jones, Noisa, EPROM, Stylust, Koan Sound, Chee, The Librarian, Supertask, Shlump, Secret Recipe, Duffrey, Bricksquash, Gladkill, Potions, The Widdler, Dela Moon, Amp Live, V E I L, Ternion Sound, Frequent, Conrank, Ivy Lab, and so many more. 

Party Guru Press: What is your Wormhole Wednesday event series like? 

Wormhole Wednesday features an eclectic mix of scintillating bass music that balances a fine line between melodic and heavy with a heavy emphasis on experimentation all set to next level visuals and accompanied by a warm and welcoming crowd of friendly faces. 

Party Guru Press: Wormhole entertainment recently collaborated with Temple San Francisco and Denver, could you tell me a bit more about that? 

We are honored and ecstatic to be teaming up with Temple Nightclubs to reintroduce Wormhole Wednesday to a world in two different cities. For now, we will be hosting one Wednesday a month in each city while we work tirelessly with the wonderful staff at these venues to provide some of our most engaging and all encompassing events to date. 

Party Guru Press: What talent do you plan on bringing for your debut at Temple Denver and Temple San Francisco? 

We just kicked off Wormhole Wednesday SF with Yheti, Potions, Honeybee, and Rook and this week we kick off Denver with Gladkill, LabRat, Rook, Womprat, and Reishio b2b Blissai. For everything still to be announced, you’ll just have to wait and see…

Party Guru Press: Besides, the upcoming new monthly event series with Temple Night Clubs, you guys have put on more monthly series, like Wormhole Thursday, could you share more about that? Where are those? Also, what do you bring to those events? 

Wormhole Thursday is a monthly event we just launched at The Big Dirty in Eugene, OR that will feature a nearly identical structure and ethos to our concurrent Wormhole Wednesday events. 

Party Guru Press: Does Wormhole entertainment have resident DJs? Do you plan on bringing that talent to the Wormhole Wednesdays? 

We have several resident DJs including Secret Recipe, Krakinov, Shadow Spirity, Dastardly, Duffrey, Magellan, Sam Lewis, Rook, Phers, and Iggy, and you can expect to see all of them at our events from time to time. 

Party Guru Press: Looking forward, what is next? Can you tease us and the concert goers with anything? 

All we can tell you is that we’ve just started.

Party Guru Press: What might 2022 look like? 

A diamond-crusted unicorn riding a hoverboard through a rain forest in the clouds.

Party Guru Press: Would you all consider yourselves Party Guru’s?

If we’re not considered Party Guru’s, I don’t know who is.

Photos Provided By Wormhole Entertainment & Zia Molnar

Thank you to Wormhole Entertainment for doing this interview with us! Their events are sure to be a great night with the best in bass heavy music, intelligent lighting, and psychedelic visuals. Temple Denver Wormhole Wednesday is kicking off this Wednesday, September 8th with Gladkill, LabRat, Rook, Womp Rat, and REISHIO b2b Blissai. You can grab your ticket here.

To keep up with everything Wormhole Entertainment, check out their socials below!




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