Aminé Delights The Fillmore With Charm And Charisma

On Monday March 21st, 2022, a breeze of excitement rushed through the Fillmore Auditorium.

Aminé is a Portland-based rapper, singer and songwriter. While playing basketball in high school, he rapped for fun. After graduating in 2012, he decided to make rapping his passion. After releasing his first two mixtapes independently, he signed a deal with Republic Records. With the label, he released his debut hit single, “Caroline”, which became an instant success.

The Openers

The room darkened as 454 stormed the stage to open the show. He had a very chill and relaxed vibe that soothed the Monday-night crowd. Draped in a grey long sleeve shirt and denim jeans, he performed songs like “Pisces” and “4 Real” that contained a soft R&B feel with a hip hop tempo. 454‘s style of music emulated popular hip hop artists such as Tyler, the Creator and Polo G. His performance was very calming, and it resonated with the contention of his crowd.

After a very brief intermission, British rapper AJ Tracey and his DJ quickly rushed onto the stage. With a calm and confident presence, he blazed through his set with an energetic voice that matched his grimy beats. During his set, Tracey asked the crowd kindly to open up the mosh pit. The crowd delivered a pit with intensity and passion as he performed his drill-infused song, “Pasta”. Towards the end of his set, Tracey brought out fellow rapper, Swoosh God, as he performed his smash track, “Just Do It”. He then saluted the crowd and told them that they might be his favorite crowd on the tour so far. Overall, AJ Tracey’s fiery performance turned the mood of the crowd from relaxed to hyped-up. Getting nods from artists like Skepta, it was clear why his performance on-stage cemented his status as a UK hip-hop icon.


After 15 minutes of stage setup, the crowd roared with anticipation when the lights dimmed down. Following this development, a miniature set design of the city of Portland, Oregon lit up the center stage. In front of a podium that read “The Best Tour Ever”, Aminé‘s DJ, MadisonLST, appeared before the crowd. For the next 15 minutes, he mixed together some favorite hip hop hits to hype up the audience. This included throwbacks such as Soulja Boy and Sammie’s “Kiss Me Thru the Phone” and Kanye West’s “Runaway”.

After a barrage of hip-hop’s notable hits, the crowd went into a frenzy. Emerging from the Alberta Market stage prop, Aminé rummaged through the stage with excitement and energy. Dressed in a bright orange jacket, he opened up with his “Mad Funny Freestyle”, invigorating the phone-savvy crowd. He followed up with his hit “Shimmy”, as the audience’s sang-along to the lyrics that echoed throughout the building. Shortly after performing a few of his songs, he talked about the set design for his tour. It was designed around his childhood in Portland. This included a sign of Woodland Park and a giant statue of his dog, Oliver.

What made the night really special was Aminé‘s relationship with his fans. He really helps his audience to feel special about themselves. Throughout the night, Amine or MadisonLST would shout “You’re beautiful!”, to which the crowd responded with “I know”. He also had a lucky fan sign a patch on his pants and took a photo with him on stage. His on-stage attitude defines his amazing persona, not just as an artist, but as a human being as well.

Aminé delivered a breathtaking and vibrant performance for the Denver crowd. He proved that he is so much more than the rapper who wrote “Caroline”. Aminé is an artist in his own league, and his unique on-stage presence reflected his modesty and creativity as a performing artist.

Photos by Venceas Whipple

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