Alison Wonderland Whyte Fang ReelWorks Poster

Alison Wonderland (real name Alexandra Sholler) is headlining a Denver installment of Wonderland Warehouse as her highly anticipated Whyte Fang side project. The Australian virtuoso recently debuted her new alter ego at Coachella this spring before a hiatus to embark on her journey of becoming a mother.

The cellist, vocalist, producer and DJ that is Alexandra Sholler opened up yet a new portal of her musical range with the introduction of Whyte Fang. She has described it as a new world of music she believes needs to be expressed separately from Alison Wonderland. A trap and drum-focused project, its melodies and vocals transcend the ideas current electronic music genres. Somewhere between elements of house, trap, and techno, the project’s debut album GENESIS pushes a new blend of emotions to the forefront of dance music.

The dark visuals and industrial sounds suit ReelWorks perfectly as the venue of choice for the Denver debut of Whyte Fang. The project evokes an inner emotion separate from the bright and vocal-focused work Alison Wonderland fans know and love. It is a darker, more intrinsic feeling that invites the body to move without the brain registering noises seldom associated with dance music. It’s almost a blend of the ethereal feeling of Porter Robinson’s Worlds and the dark mysterious tones of the Virtual Self project colliding into one dark, melodic brainchild.

The event will take place Thursday, October 12th — the night before her Friday the 13th Red Rocks headline show as Alison Wonderland. It will practically serve as a pre-party for her show the following evening.

Expect a mesh of the most diehard Alison fans and music lovers just learning of this project for the first time. This is a standalone project — a crossover between the two aliases is not likely. A party celebrating the new emergence of a dance music powerhouse project will commence in Denver, Colorado. Do not miss your opportunity to witness this dark magic live.

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