Alison Wonderland: Fire + Icelantic

Alison Wonderland, one of the biggest names in the the electronic music scene, brought her highly anticipated tour to Denver for a performance at the iconic Mission Ballroom last week.  Known for her emotionally visceral live shows, Wonderland did not disappoint. She delivered a prolific and emotionally explosive lineup and set to her devout fans.

From the moment the doors opened at Mission, the energy was electric. It might have been cold outside, but fans were warm with anticipation. Brad S, a fan who had been to 12 different shows the past two years, told us, “I have never seen the same show twice. Even if the songs are the same, the energy,  the vibes, and the magic are different every time. It’s always so exciting to see where she takes us each time she performs. “

Wonderland is known for bringing an eclectic lineup. Jacoby, Housewife, Sam Blacky, and Channel Tres lit up the stage and stoked the fire and energy of the crowd. There is something different about experiencing a lineup that reaches the hearts of many souls. The music ebbs and flows, taking you on a musical trip. Each fan has the pleasure of feeling that spark and nostalgia, that itch getting scratched. House, bass, trap, sexy dancing, enchanting visuals — it was an all-encompassing and eclectic effort.

From the moment her fingers touched the decks, Wonderland had the crowd in the palm of her story-telling hand, weaving together a mesmerizing mix of her biggest hits, new drops, and arrangement of raw, unfiltered, music. Heavy bass lines and emotive vocals filled the room and had fans dancing and holding their Ws, swaying and headbanging the night away. Wonderland’s mastery of her craft was on full display. The energy and emotions beat back and forth between her and the crowd all night, like a bass-pumping heart 

While Red Rocks Amphitheatre is usually the setting for the Icelantic series, Mission Ballroom was a perfect venue to host such electrifying talent. With its state-of-the-art sound system and immersive lighting, the venue helped bring her music to life, elevating the already magical experience. As the night ended, fans were buzzing about Wonderland’s incredible show, always ready for her next visit to the Mile High City. 

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