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Adventure Club Double Delivers in Denver

Adventure Club Double Delivers in Denver

Patrik Essy

November 3rd, 2019

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Adventure Club made their presence known Friday night in Denver. Starting the night performing the halftime show for the Denver Nuggets, they brought out the Nuggets’ drum line to collaborate on a few of Adventure Clubs most popular songs.

After the Pepsi Center, Adventure Club moved over to Beta 2.0 for an after-party. Also celebrating one of the Adventure Club boy’s birthday Friday night, the concert ended with a giant group-singing of “Happy Birthday.”

Releasing some of their most popular music back in 2010, Adventure Club stayed true to their roots while at Beta 2.0. Playing some of their classics and remixes during an encore, such as “Crave You” and “Gold,” the Canadian duo played it all. They also previewed a new song with Said The Sky that should be releasing very soon. The duo also played newer song remixes by artists such as Zomboy and Slander.

Photos By Patrik Essy

Christian Strigley and Leighton James of Adventure Club also played Red Rocks Amphitheater earlier this year. Being the headlining act, they also shared the stage with Bear Grillz, Said the Sky, Riot Ten, Dirt Monkey and many more. Adventure Club recently finished up their latest tour, Death or Glory Tour. They have a few more shows coming up; their website is linked below for tickets. Playing new tracks to even their classics, this is one EDM duo that is a must-see. Continuing to travel the U.S and even the world these guys are hard to miss.

The New Beta 2.0

With everybody asking how the new Beta 2.0 is looking and sounding, here’s a quick recap of how it was. The audio all around is much better. With speakers surrounding the dance floor as well as on both sides of the CDJs in the DJ booth, the audio was great. The bass was also, of course.

This is a 3 story club if you include the bottom floor for coat check and bathrooms. Having full 360 visuals made for a great view from the first floor. There’s a bar where the DJ booth used to be, and the DJ booth is now on the second floor. All in all, Beta 2.0 is a great venue for any EDM concert.

Knife Party will be preforming at Beta 2.0 at the end of this month for a Halloween show. Go check them out along with Adventure Club; you’ll be sure to find something your ears enjoy.

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