Derrick Does Disco in New Mexico

On January 26th, house heads from all corners of New Mexico gathered for a celebration of disco. Derrick Carter brought Derrick Does Disco to Sister Bar in Albuqurque as part of the fifth anniversary of local house crew Adobe Disco.

I was lucky enough to have a ticket to the sold-out show. Here’s how it went for those of us on the dance floor.

The Buildup

We arrived sometime around 10:00 PM, and the bar was already at capacity in anticipation of the return of Chicago house legend Derrick Carter. Sister Bar is a colorful mix of bar and club between its pinball machines and arcade games, and its sound system vibrates and erupts into the New Mexico night with power and force.

The four members of Adobe Disco — LNSC Rob, Dave 12, Haloe 5k, and Boogaloo B — are prone to B2B sets. The first half of the night was the perfect example of how powerful the four have become in their time together here.

They each took turns moving and pulling the crowd. One of my favorite moments was when a remix of the great James Brown song, “Gonna Have a Funky Good Time,” shouted out to the crowd, “I wanna take you higher!” Then the beat dropped, and the dance floor, packed to its limit, began to bounce and celebrate in unison. The party had begun.

lnsc rob at derrick does disco 2024

The Setting

If you’ve never been to New Mexico and are wondering what is so special about a night like this, I suppose it’s similar to the subtle difference between house and disco. Even if I describe it, It will still never compare to being there to feel and see everything happen at once. OnSyt’s vine installations wrapped around pulsating lights surrounded by a giant disco ball gave you the sense that the garden of Eden sat at the center of the dance floor. It set the perfect mood for when Derrick took the decks just before midnight.

decorations at derrick does disco

The Music

On this night, Derrick used his time as the DJ to cover at least five different eras and genres of disco from Chicago house and beyond. He started with what sounded like ’70s funk before he transitioned into a more ’80s sound that represented the Warehouse. The famous Chicago nightclub is considered the place house music was born.

Derrick followed this line until it led him to play the sound you will find at Smart Bar whenever he hosts his monthly event known by all house music lovers as Queen. At this moment, when the sold-out dance floor was at its max and people were dancing all around, the meaning of disco could truly be felt by all in attendance. We all come from somewhere different, and we all found it in some way, but out there on the dance floor, with the sound of disco, we are all the same.

By the final track, the dance floor was still bumping, and the crowd remained euphoric. It felt like a celebration — a reunion of all the people who found each other through disco. For me, it was a chance to share with Colorado the joy and beauty I feel when dancing here in New Mexico. I’m not sure if these words do the night justice, but it was a beautiful moment to experience, and I thank Derrick and disco for this one.

derrick does disco in new mexico 2024

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