About Party Guru:

Since 2010, Party Guru Productions has produced, presented, and promoted thousands of events, brands, and businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Do you need assistance throwing an event? The Party Guru team has been producing events for almost a decade, and will help you make yours as successful as possible.

Does your business scream potential, but your voice isn’t loud enough for the masses to hear? Party Guru has ‘aided’ in increasing brand-awareness for countless local and national businesses just like yours.

Want to boost your social media following? Need help distributing coupons or literature for your product or service? Our team provides targeted Colorado state-wide and semi-national coverage.

Whatever the case may be, you have enough on your to-do list. Save yourself some time and stress and let the gurus work their magic.

The Party Gurus love their loyal and and incredibly diverse following so much that somedays you’ll catch them giving away tickets to some of the biggest and baddest events in the US, throwing fan appreciation parties, and connecting likeminded people and businesses.

Say hello and grab a handbill from one of the 100+ Party Guru promoters at every major event in Colorado and music festivals across the US featuring performances of every genre of music imaginable. From hip hop to jam bands, EDM to heavy metal, and everything in between, the Party Gurus are in the building.

We know where the party’s at!

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