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A Night With the OGs, Mr.Bill Gates and Friends.

A Night With the OGs, Mr.Bill Gates and Friends.


December 26th, 2019

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Last week two of the most iconic producers in underground Bass music, Mr.Bill and ill.Gates, combined forces to take the stage in Denver. They presented a night of filth to the masses, as none other than Mr.Bill Gates. Both men are major staples in not only the experimental Bass realm, but the educational realm as well. Having graduated with a bachelor’s in audio engineering, Mr.Bill has gone on to offer an array of classes he likes to call “The Art of Mr.Bill”. Similarly, ill.Gates hosts a group of workshops that showcase his clearly effective methods. Both have played a myriad of shows internationally topping off major festivals like Shambala, Camp Bisco and Burning Man. Separate or together, the two are a power house in the Electronic scene.

Mr. Bill Gates

On December 18, RE: Search Wednesdays hosted the Bass-centered entity at Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom beside some very versatile support. In addition to the always banging Cervantes’ speakers, there was aid from some A-1 Hennessy speakers. The speakers insured that the place was shaking with down-tempo Bass and mucky experimental sounds. Given the line up of astral producers with the added mix of some top notch speakers, it was a recipe for pure sorcery. With support from fellow innovators BogTroTTeR and Levitation Jones plus a nasty b2b2b that consisted of Moonsplatta, Cryptochronica and Slowform; the night was complete madness.

Doors opened at 8 and the wobbles could not stop rolling after the triple threat hit the decks. The three clearly vibed and set the tone for the night. Moonsplatta, Cryptochronica and Slowform played a two hour set that gave them an opportunity to show their diversity and contrasting styles. Throughout the duration of the wonky tunes you could hear the influences of each artist to create the perfect harmony between the three. 


Next up was Denver local, BogTroTTeR, aka Curtis Czock. Originally hailing from Minneapolis, the now Coloradian is absolutely crushing all traditional genre barriers. Czock’s music is keen to the deep, dark, eerie sounds that seamlessly mesh with the gutsy percussion. Having releases on some of the most impressive labels such as Shanti Planti, Merkaba, and Additech records, catching this audio wizard is a treat. BogTroTTeR is a mixologist beyond his time. He consistently played iconic Hip-Hop tunes while also hitting us with some of the grimiest Bass. BogTroTTeR kept the whole crowd going as the venue continued to flood with people.

Mr. Bill Gates

The time finally came for the infamous pair, Mr.Bill Gates. When the legends stepped on stage the vibes were immediately untouchable. With soundscapes only they could pull off, the group smacked us around during the set. The stage presence carried by the duo only added to the show, making it more of an experience than just a show. Mr.Bill Gates is a force to be reckoned with. The intelligent minds run a whole different genre that they have mastered. The balance between the friends was impeccable and both skill sets shined through to the crowd. They simultaneously bounced their creativity off of each other to craft the perfect set. After a completely mind-melting hour and a half, Levitation Jones came on.

Levitation Jones

Lastly, the “New Kid” producer ended the night off on the perfect note. Of course, Levitation Jones is always a treat to watch. The seasoned veteran has many aspects that make his sets some of the most elaborate and systematic. 

To summarize, RE: Search Wednesdays was a complete success. Granted, the opportunity to watch these guru’s was a chance that can’t be overlooked. To see if they are coming to a venue near you, click here! In the event you’re in the industry, make sure to keep tabs on the coursework the two offer as well!

Photos by Julien Deroeux

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