Subtronics Red Rocks 2024

Night one of Subtronics at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheatre on May 23 was nothing short of an out-of-this-world experience. Subtronics has now played four consecutive shows at this venue, dubbing them Cyclops Rocks due to the surreal, otherworldly atmosphere of the venue.

Since his debut at the Red Rocks Amphitheater in 2021, Subtronics continues to raise the bar at each of his last performances, consistently captivating his audience as each show becomes a deeper expedition into the unpredictable realm of Planet Cyclops. 

Subtronics (whose real name is Jesse Kardon) had a highly anticipated show this year at Red Rocks following his incredible performance at the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) Las Vegas. Despite his grueling schedule of back-to-back shows, the energy Subtronics brought to the show was beyond that of some artists who are arguably better rested. Subtronics delivered an incredibly energized performance fueled by his passion for his art. 

With the weather remaining in the 60-degree range on night one, the opening lineup for Subtronics including DJs, Sanzu b2b Inaktive, Beastboi, SampliFire b2b Automhate, Level Up, and Delta Heavy definitely increased the heat with head-banging bass-heavy vibrations. The openers made sure to raise the sound frequencies to a degree that felt like a heatwave of bass from the depths of a new dimension yet to be explored, i.e. Planet Cyclops. Each artist brought their unique flair, from Sanzu b2b Inaktive’s masked, mysterious stage presence to SampliFire b2b Automhate’s seamless blend of hip-hop and hard rock. 

A standout set among the openers was the performance of Level Up. DJ Sonya Broner is Subtronics’ newly wedded wife. It is clear why the two have such a beautiful bond as they are able to magically harmonize as the Kings and Queens of Planet Cyclops. Her set featured an eclectic mix, incorporating tracks by Lana Del Rey, Ellie Goulding, and other noteworthy artists. Level Up’s performance was mesmerizing as her visuals revolved around an Ouija board theme that transported the audience into the heart of Planet Cyclops.

As the openers began to wrap up their sets the audience began to get incredibly anxious for Subtronics to perform after seeing the dozens of laser heads that were added to the stage. As the Tesseract set design began to glow with LED lights, Subtronics’ opening visuals read out an important opening message presenting “Cyclops Rocks Four.”

It stated, “I would like to cordially welcome Cyclops Army Members old and new to Cyclops Rocks four. Tonight, we will journey together as we collectively celebrate massive low-end frequencies at one of the most magical venues on the planet. It is my honor to be with you as we explore the many realms and dimensions that lay ahead of us. You must give every bit of energy that you have. Scream at the top of your lungs and throw yourself into the oblivion of the unified chaos. Now, please brace yourselves as we enter the portal into the Tesseract.” 

This message set the crowd loose as Subtronics began his set, creating an experience that felt like being pulled through a portal of an immersive bass-heavy experience. Audience members were entranced as we entered the official Cyclops Rocks portal.

Moments of his set felt as if we were floating with the visual displays in the background as we were all being sent through the Cyclops Rocks portal with DJ Subtronics as our guide. The only moments of reality were when Subtronics would check on the crowd and make sure we were all still doing well.

The mix of tracks were unpredictable and thrilling, blending old school hip-hop and classical pieces like “Requiem Mass in D Minor” into bass-heavy mixes that had everyone in the crowd cheering, laughing, crying and most definitely head banging in unison. Subtronics also debuted a mix of “Too Sweet” by Hoizer he made on the plane just before the show. 

Acknowledging Denver’s status as the Bass Capital, Subtronics made sure the audience felt at home within Cyclops Rocks, delivering a set that celebrated the city’s love for bass music. The performance culminated with his song “Cyclops Rocks,” which he to Red Rocks, leaving the crowd emotional. 

The night ended with a heartfelt thank you to his crew and managing staff, and it concluded with a surprise encore performance alongside Level Up aptly named “Level-Tronics.” This special collab mixed many unexpected artists. It included a heartfelt Adele song, showcased their love with an inverted visual display of the couple’s dog Ellie, and touched on more songs you will have to attend a Subtronics show to hear. 

Subtronics’ performance at Red Rocks was more than just a concert; it was an unforgettable journey into the heart of Planet Cyclops. His ability to surprise and delight the audience, combined with his tireless energy and passion ensures that each year’s show is a must-see event. As the crowd dispersed, Subtronics left them with a simple but important reminder: stay safe, stay hydrated, and drive carefully. Until next year, the memories of Cyclops Rocks will linger in the minds of all who attended.

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