DJs onstage at the Perplexiplex in Meow Wolf Denver

Denver Meow Wolf installation Convergence Station hosted renowned international artists from the Monstercat label on Saturday, September 23rd. Israeli duo Infected Mushroom headlined the epic Danceportation event in the packed Perplexiplex performance space. Beyond the main act, attendees had plenty of entertainment options to dance the night away!

In addition to the Perplexiplex sets and mind-bending art everywhere, three stages were located throughout the facility. With secret DJ locations and a pop-up 3-D motion-capture photo booth, there was barely time to catch it all!

Bonus DJ performance held in a small theater room inside Denver's Meow Wolf installation

Danceportation: Music & Art Collide

If you have been to Convergence Station, you know how easily hours can pass inside the spacious location. Add over a dozen DJs into the mix, woven throughout the labyrinth-like establishment, and you have Danceportation! Buzzing like a psychedelic beehive, the extravagantly adorned attendees worked their way from stage to stage. Along the way, visitors might bump into one of the fuzzily-fashioned Meow Wolf monsters on hand or become captivated by the interactive art installations.

The Monstercat takeover also featured the label’s merch booth for diehard fans. Near the Numina stage, a 3D photo motion-capture room allowed you and your bestie to pose for the rotating camera. The digital renderings were displayed on a screen outside the staging space for passers-by to enjoy.

Electronic music fans and Meow Wolf monsters pose together during Danceportation

Let’s Get This Party Started Right

Kicking off Danceportation, local DJs showcased their skills as visitors found their way through the realms. Opening up the Perplexiplex stage was Denver performer Soundkissed, who is small in stature but mighty in stage presence. Her lush house beats and smooth mixes got things flowing on the main level.

First onstage in the Numina world was Denver duo Muv, who brought all the festive feels. Their entertaining antics and big bass beats energized the crowd, resulting in one of my favorite sets. That space, which sprawls upward through several stories of crisscrossing pathways, provides onlookers with unique vantage points of performances.

Denver producers Muv play one of the stages at the Meow Wolf Danceportation event

Superb Local Sounds

Playing first on the C-Street platform, Broken Skyline was at home in the alien environment. The Denver DJ spun otherworldly sci-fi techno rhythms, and the spacious dance area helped get everyone grooving. Meanwhile, in the cathedral at the Eemia stage, Denver-based producer Zejibo laid down breakneck beats. Blasting beats throughout the glass castle, the throbbing bass lines had dancers moving frenetically.

Denver DJ Zejibo gets into the music that he's mixing at Meow Wolf's Danceportation

Continuing the local spotlight, Kases was up next on the Numina stage. His slamming jungle beats and digital spinning were sounds and sights to behold. Holding down the middle set at the all-locals Eemia cathedral stage was Mr. Frick, also a Denver resident. Blending spacey sounds and hyper-fast beats, he dropped jaws and jams without remorse in the icy palace. The cathedral closer was User 00215, whose time slot required him to square off against headliners from Monstercat. Castle spires that lit up to his rhythms provided a techno treat for those who dared stray from the main acts.

For adventurous voyagers, local artists within smaller spaces around Meow Wolf were the reward. They often playing to 20 ecstatic fans in an area the size of a dining room, and you needed some luck or effort to find them. If you were looking for a reason to explore, you needed look no further than these pop-ups!

At Meow Wolf's Danceportation, a DJ produces beats in a small space for an enthusiastic group of fans

Monstercat Makes Meow Wolf Shake

Producers and performers from around the globe highlight Canadian-based EDM label Monstercat. They brought their best and brightest to Meow Wolf, showcasing their diverse talents. Taking the Perplexiplex by storm, Katie Boyle of U.K. duo KOVEN enchanted the crowded space. Her energetic set captivated listeners as she alternated between mixing, singing, and dancing. Boyle delivered the essence of the European club scene to Danceportation’s doorstep.

Katie Boyle of UK duo KOVEN gets the Perplexiplex crowd dancing at Meow Wolf in Denver

Taking over the C-Street stage with authority, Australian producer Godlands rocked the block. With her crafty mixing and spirited onstage energy, Godlands (real name Anabell Hartlett) electrified onlookers. Sporting dual tattoo sleeves and a feisty meets fun-loving persona, Hartlett enjoys herself as she entertains.

Hashing Out Your Headlining Agenda

As the night turned to morning, choosing your DJ destiny became more challenging! Bringing the boom to C-Street, Israeli-born producer Whales‘ hip-hop-infused dubstep set walloped the crowd. Whales (real name Tal Rochman) raged emphatically on the catwalk stage. His outrageous dance moves provided a perfect spectacle for the weary and wild inhabitants of the space.

Guiding listeners through a journey of bass soundscapes, ShockOne (real name Karl Thomas) closed out the Numina stage. Thomas had the mob of expressive dancers going wild within the psychedelic scenes. Balancing dream-pop hooks and dubstep breaks, he seamlessly delivered an ever-changing barrage of beats and tempos. His set at Temple nightclub in Denver earlier this year left fans eagerly awaiting more, and on Saturday, he delivered!

Does This Look Infected?!

Israeli DJ duo Infected Mushroom perform energetically for the crowd at Meow Wolf Denver's Danceportation event

Blasting through a blistering, 90-minute set, Danceportation headliners Infected Mushroom were a highlight of the night. Eager fans desired to dance with the famed pair of Israeli producers, Amit “Duvdev” Duvdevani and Erez Eisen, inside the Perplexiplex. At times, an entrance line extended across the lobby as the duo spun their tracks against a backdrop of pulsing lights. Setting the room aglow and bringing nonstop energy to close the night, the pair demanded every last ounce of energy from attendees. And we were happy to give it!

If you missed this installment of Danceportation, be sure to catch the next one. The announcement for the subsequent edition on December 2nd gives you a couple of months to get your best ‘fit ready and gather your crew!

Photos by Aeron Reinhardt

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