A Moment To Catch Up With Colorado’s Talented SLASHA

I got a chance to catch up with SLASHA before he embarked on a stop to Kansas City to show what he’s been cooking recently. Fresh off signing with “WASTELVND Records“, and expanding his brand across states, he’s someone that is bound to blow up overnight. This seemed like the perfect chance to spend some time with him to pick his brain.

Originally known as “Slimee”, “SLASHA” has had huge endorsements from big names in the dub-step scene. Most notably from SNAILS when he came through for his headlining Red Rocks show. The rebranding was to have something that provided more uniqueness and better represented the energy that he is aiming for. Not a lot of artists are confident enough to make these changes, but this is why I couldn’t have asked for a better person to interview in our Colorado music scene.

Now The Questions

Party Guru Press: I first want to thank you for your time to sit down and answer a few questions. What were the short-sight consequences of rebranding from “Slimee”?

SLASHA: It was unfortunate, but it has only made my craft stronger. Having someone in the scene with a similar name posed the problem of sticking out. I believe that it would’ve been easy for me to see it as a step backward, but it only provided me with time to look back and really handle everything more calculated. In moments like this, as long as you’re prepared for those short-term consequences, you can achieve your dreams.

Party Guru Press: It is pretty amazing what you’ve accomplished after the rebranding, as far as breaking the mold of just being a part of the local scene and pushing outside of your comfort zone. What has been your biggest performance to date?

SLASHA: I was fortunate enough to play a stage at “Paradiso” in Washington, which happened to be one of the larger-scale music festivals that year. It was absolutely insane, but that ties back to following your dreams to accomplish them.

Party Guru Press: I noticed that you’ve been pushing out music like crazy, with “Dark Side” being the most recently released on the 14th through “WASTELVND Records“, what is the inspiration for your style of music?

SLASHA: I initially got into producing in high school, but then I got very big into Illenium, which led me into EDM music. I was blown away when I started going to my first shows with how hype the crowd could get off of just one track. This led me into wanting to find a way to create that same energy throughout the whole set. This is where I really got into producing heavy hitters.

Party Guru Press: Where do you see the future taking you?

SLASHA: I really hope that I’ll get a chance to play at my favorite music festivals, Lost Lands and Bass Canyon. That is my main goal at this current point, so I’m gonna keep on pushing till we get there.

Party Guru Press: I’m sure with how focused you’ve been on your craft, that you’ll accomplish that with no problem. Is there any advice that you would like to pass on to anyone who’s trying to break into the scene or is just starting?

SLASHA: It’s insane what you can accomplish if you keep on pushing no matter what roadblocks you may face. It’s very surreal what you can control by working hard and never losing track of where you want to go. It’s not an overnight process, but you can take it day by day by working hard.

Party Guru Press: Besides Kansas City, do you have any upcoming shows that should be on everyone’s radar?

SLASHA: I’m actually playing the Black Box on April 27th for the WASTELVND takeover, and I’ll be performing a lot of new mixes with my most recent releases.

Party Guru Press: I’m sure we’ll be seeing you there and thanks again for your time, we’re very excited to see what the future has in store for you!

To Conclude Time Well Spent

Slasha showcased where hard work can take you as he was able to open up about the challenges that he’s recently overcome to get onto the map. It’s refreshing that we have faces like this in our music scene that acknowledge that it’s a process. For mostly everyone, it is not an overnight thing, which helps represent how hard work and dedication are needed to pursue this craft. Check out Slasha at the Black Box to see first-hand what he has been pushing himself for.

Photos provided from Zaya Casi

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