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A Message From Kalya Scintilla

A Message From Kalya Scintilla


October 25th, 2019

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Kalya Scintilla is an Australian music producer with a unique sound that carries a story. He creates art with a message. Kalya Scintilla’s sound is a combination of warm, natural frequencies and tribal sounds. This sound creates a form of psychedelic electronic music. He creates a primal, ancestral earth-bass sound. Many have described Kayla Scintilla’s music to be “a universal, shamanic journey through planet earth straight from his heart”. That is exactly what it is. Kalya Scintilla has several albums available on Spotify and Soundcloud.

In 2012, he started to collaborate with Eve Olution to create his debut album Dance the Spiral Never Ending and Open Ancient Eyes. These albums epitomize human creation and the connection to planet Earth. Prior to his collaboration with Eve Olution,Kalya Scintilla started touring in the West Coast of the United States in 2011. More and more, he has gained a following as he creates music that embodies the human spirit.

A Message From Kalya Scintilla

A Thought-Provoking Production

Kalya Scintilla opened with urban-like visuals of large corporate buildings, heavy traffic, and busy cities. That transitioned to visuals of nature and lush forests cut down, further destroyed by human beings. This contrast exemplified a commentary on climate change and a disconnection from humanity. The crowd engaged into Kayla Scintilla’s message while dancers, beautiful women dressed in costumes, entered the stage. Indeed, these women were very diverse and dressed as different deities. This message came across as addressing a divine feminine energy that has been suppressed for generations. Indeed, the purpose of Kalya Scintilla’s music is to spread the message of love, connection, and to shine light on the destruction of the Earth. Combined together these provide a thought-provoking melodic harmonious bass.

Kalya Scintilla had an incredible production at the Boulder Theater. There were visuals projected on the sides of the theater of forests and fractal images, as well as an amazing story-line production on stage. Not only was this production detailed and unique, but it was extremely thoughtful. Everything from fractal images of nature, to the pens decorated with branches at the bar demonstrated a message that entailed more than just music, but a story and deep seeded connection to the sounds and images presented. Everyone in the crowd was dressed in costumes for his production and showed up with passion and enthusiasm to listen and feel the emotions Kalya Scintilla embodies in his music.


Kalya Scintilla made for an intimate experience at the Boulder Theater. In addition, the small venue allowed the crowd to fully engage with his message. Finally, at the end of the show, Kalya Scintilla expressed immense gratitude for creation and expression through all forms of art and for the engagement of the crowd. The dancers appeared once more as well as everyone that took part in the production. Kalya Scintilla will be performing across the country with Shpongle on the Gaian Code Tour. They will be playing in New Orleans, Kansas City, Portland, San Fransisco, Denver, Chicago, and New York City. Be sure to take part in this journey and message that Kalya Scintilla translates, it is an unforgettable experience!

A Message From Kalya Scintilla
A Message From Kalya Scintilla

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