A Hundred Drums is starting Denver’s new year right with a performance at Ogden Theatre in January. Saturday the 13th brings this multi-instrumentalist and talented producer to the decks. She’ll share her signature blend of indigenous drums, reggae, and psytrance. That’s one way to say goodbye to the old year and welcome the new one.

The Los Angeles-born Gabrielle Watson, known professionally as A Hundred Drums, now resides in Denver. Her touring schedule keeps her constantly traveling, though. Fresh off her first full tour in 2022 as support for the mighty Rezz, Watson hasn’t slowed down one bit. She’s playing the festival circuit, introducing new audiences to the wonder that is A Hundred Drums.

A lover of music at a young age, Watson learned to play a variety of instruments — including, you guessed it, the drums. Percussion has played a pivotal role in her life, signifying the unification of beating hearts. That inevitably led to her name, A Hundred Drums. Speaking to her love of percussion, the moniker also focuses on unifying the collective heartbeat of her audiences.

Watson arrived at her sound and honed her skills while tackling the underground bass scene. In 2014, she and a few friends began throwing underground dubstep shows in Hollywood under the event and production company, B-Side. The brand is still operating today, and she continues to help push vibes and bass music along with her co-founder.

An artist as special as A Hundred Drums deserves a venue just as special to host her. And the Ogden Theatre is it. The former movie theater, located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, is a multi-level venue that can accommodate 1,600 attendees. A certified landmark, the Ogden hosts roughly 150 concerts a year. It welcomes anyone from rockers to rappers to, of course, DJs, making this the perfect spot for A Hundred Drums to perform.

Watson strives hard to use her platform to educate and inform as well as entertain. Her EP Enough is Enough and its mini-documentary companion piece made a statement with its politically and racially charged content. She highlighted what it’s like to be Black in the US, drawing on her personal experience with police brutality and systemic oppression. Definitively different from the music she previously released, Watson’s strong statement still ended on a positive, love-filled note. The true sign of an artist is one who relates to audiences and the current times while still entertaining. A Hundred Drums does just that.

Many of A Hundred Drums’ shows and festival appearances have featured packed audiences, so it’s no stretch of the imagination to believe this show could sell out. So buy your tickets today to ensure that you get to see A Hundred Drums at the Ogden Theatre on January 13th, 2024.

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