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A Decade of The Single’s Day Soiree

A Decade of The Single’s Day Soiree


February 11th, 2020

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Are you Single? Are you dreading Valentine’s Day? Have no fear, Party Guru Press is here to let you in on an event just for you! Party Guru Productions’ Single’s Day Soiree is celebrating its 10th anniversary and you’re invited. So, come on down to Denver’s SOCO District and indulge in a catered dinner on us, literally.

The Party Guru Press Team got the opportunity to speak with the CEO and founder of Party Guru Productions, Mike Knopping, about the event. Mike got nostalgic and spilled the details on the event’s conception and let us in on what this year’s event has in store.

“It was Valentine’s Day and I was chillin’ with a bunch of buddies and we were hanging out at an old party house we used to kick it at. Valentine’s Day is that one day that you bum out that you’re alone. Fuck that! People shouldn’t sit around being sad that they’re single. We should be celebrating the fact that we’re single.”  Just like that young Mike Knopping set forth to create the ultimate singles event. So, “We bought 250 dollars worth of food including steaks and shrimp alfredo. Then, we bought 150 dollars worth of booze and started inviting all these people. And we threw this giant party on Valentine’s Day for all the single people. It was a fantastic ordeal!” 

A couple of years down the line, Mike was certainly moving up the ladder to bigger things. He founded Party Guru Productions and was making the transition from raging house parties to proper events in infamous venues.

“The transition at first was pretty rough. I bombed the first few events. It was bad. I’m talking, 50 people in a nightclub, and me begging my friends to show up.” Mike grew more and more frustrated and even considered giving up on Party Guru.

Despite the frustration, he decided to give it a try one more time. “So I decided to try to put together an event with another promoter. We started kicking around ideas for something cool that could be done in a nightclub or venue setting. I was like, Fuck it! Let’s throw a singles party! The party ended up being wildly successful. This event saved me from quitting. We have continued to do the event because it is our first party and it’s become our signature. It was the first event that really showed everyone what Party Guru could do.” 

Party Guru Productions is still throwing the event an entire decade later. “I never expected to do the event for 10 years. I didn’t know that Party Guru would become a full-time gig. Our parties became something people really looked forward to. It’s become notorious because of all the wild things that go down and because it is something that happens every year.” Then, Mike began to reminisce and went on to say, “The first year was hella corny. We even did a game of singles twister and we played a find the bachelor game. It was super juvenile. ”

Mike continued on, “Over the years it’s continued to grow. We have moved venue to venue either because the venue no longer existed or we ran out of the room. Since then the party has become more refined. We have had some really awesome guests at it. It is sleeker, sexier, and more adult. Couples even plan to arrive after they’ve had their date. It becomes part of their Valentine’s Day routine.”

So, come get down at The Single’s Day Soiree in Denver’s SOCO District and take a free shot from the event’s custom ice luge provided by Ciroc. Arrive in style and have dinner on us, Literally. Also, fill yourself up on complimentary Nyotaimori aka naked sushi served on a drop-dead gorgeous Colorado model. Additionally, feast your eyes on breathtaking models sporting body paint throughout the night. Then, once you’re feeling loose, make sure to head to the dance floor and get down with Denver’s finest talented gogo dancers and artists like Already Sweaty, A-Tone b2b with Britton Lee, and 2 Slikk.

Also, our friends and sponsors Safety Cap will be handing out prizes and there will be chances to win ticket giveaways. “This year’s event has a lot of surprises in store that have yet to be announced. But there are also surprises that you will have to wait and see. Keep an eye out for announcements closer to the event.” 

This year’s event is a celebration and a reflection on the years before.” It’s clear, Party Guru Productions has created a unique event that provides an unforgettable experience for singles and couples alike. Make sure to grab your tickets, because the event is known to sell out. “2020 is the year of self-love and self-appreciation. It is the year to be confident with the fact that you’re out there doing you. Single people should be out celebrating instead of sitting at home doing nothing on Valentine’s Day. Let’s all come together on Friday night and get hella wild. Celebrating the single fact that we are all young, sexy, and independent. “

Presale tickets for the event go for 5 dollars for ladies and 15 dollars for fellas. Make sure not to sleep on tickets because the price goes up for tickets at the door. Wondering where to purchase your tickets? Visit the Single’s Day Soiree website for tickets and more inside details on the event. 

Photos by (Brent Andeck)

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