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A Conversation With Cnopes

A Conversation With Cnopes

Ethan Klement

February 23rd, 2021

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This Chicago born artist who grew up in Wisconsin and now resides in Colorado is a 24 year old who has released two EP’s, multiple collaborative tracks, and many singles. Cnopes from the Spicy Bois music collective has definitely made his mark in the bass music scene. Being a part of the collective for nearly three years now, Cnopes joined up in May of 2018.

Meso who is widely known as the founder and head of the collective reached out to him asking to release a track on the collectives fifth compilation, Dish #5. That track titled peeked. Cnopes remembers releasing that specific track on SoundCloud when the collective had a following of under one thousand people. Now sitting at over twenty two thousand followers, Cnopes and the collective continue to grow as a whole.

Getting To Know Cnopes

Having played the guitar since he was nine years old, Cnopes stated that he had not taken being a musician seriously until becoming a producer. Once starting to venture into music production further, Cnopes began using Ableton in January of 2014. That year he also attended his first music festival, Spring Awakening. Which then lead into the investment of a DJ controller, sparking his career as a musician.

When asked about his production process he said “It varies, and I’ve noticed it’s been changing as the years go by. Right now, I usually start with a simple drum beat to get a groove going and get the head noddin, then I start to write harmonies or melodies and slowly build it up from that foundation. When I can, I like to jam out on the guitar before I open up Ableton”.

Moving away from music, Cnopes let us know that he admires photography and cinema. Particularly film photography catches this artists interest. Painting and digital arts also interest him. “I am not really an artist in that sense, but I love and appreciate the people that are good at it” Cnopes states. From snowboarding, meditation, reading books and just simply spending time outdoors this artist has no problem staying busy.


Being heavily influenced by the band Pretty Lights and a frequent listener to their radio show, Hot Sh*t Radio, he ironically discovered another huge inspiration. That huge inspiration is DJ and producer CharlesTheFirst. From melodies and harmonies to the use of instruments and those deep bass sounds it’s obvious that he has been influenced greatly from both artists to become Cnopes! 

Coping With Covid

The covid pandemic has been a challenging time for the music industry as a whole. Currently working a day job and attending school full time, Cnopes admits that finding time where he feels creative has been a struggle. Being humble, Cnopes stated that he’s learned to take his time with this stuff and be patient with the process.

As we continue on into the year we can all be on the lookout for any future projects Cnopes may have. In the meantime go check out all of his links below! Maybe he’ll be an artist you add to your weekly playlist.

Photos provided by Cnopes.

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