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A Chat About The New Keep Pushing EP

A Chat About The New Keep Pushing EP

Patrik Essy

February 16th, 2021

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You are probably always on the search for new music and artists, right? Well below you can find an interview with Colorado’s own Longevity Productions! We were lucky enough to have a moment with Bri Long, owner of Longevity Productions. The full interview can be found below!

A bit of background first, they bring ones from diverse backgrounds into a realm of similar objective parallelism. “Creates happiness or invokes emotional response. Overall bridges a gap unimaginable by many but for seen by few.”

Longevity Productions is a company that thrives to bring you the best acts and all around musical experiences they can provide. Working with people in the local Northern Colorado community to bring art of all styles together. We focus on artist booking, artist management, promotion, and event facilitation.

Longevity Productions began in September of 2017, by Bri Long of course. Community and close friends helped Bri begin her dream that shortly turned into a career. We were lucky enough to have a moment of Bri’s time to talk about the new EP and other future projects.

EP Talk

Patrik Essy: Very glad to see an EP on the way! We are very excited for this. What makes this project different from let’s say the next artist’s EP?

Bri Long: This project is unique because of the collection of artists, these are mostly Colorado artists that have worked together in some capacity but haven’t released music together. It also will be the first release from Longevity Productions, which make this very exciting.

Patrik Essy: How long have you all been working on this project?

Bri Long: The idea originated around December of 2020.

Patrik Essy: You say there’s 8 artists on this EP, why so many artists? What made you choose these artists? Besides the fact a lot of them are on your label.

Bri Long: A majority of the artists are under Longevity Productions management, the other artists are producers that we’ve worked with on many events in the past. Each one of these artists continue to push themselves and their sound to the next level, we’re always stoked to see what’s coming out from them.

Patrik Essy: Who did the album artwork for this? Can we be on the lookout for anymore collabs between you and them? 

Bri Long: I did the artwork so hopefully haha. 

Patrik Essy: Any merch drops to be on the lookout for? Any livestreams that will be associated with the drop of this EP?

Bri Long: I don’t think we’ll have either of those for this one, but we’ll probably do some livestreams in the near future.

Past and Future

Patrik Essy: Any plans for 2021-2022 besides this EP release?

Bri Long: We hope to get back to throwing events in a safe capacity before the end of the year. We have some releases in the works for spring. I think overall you can count on a lot more content from Longevity artists as a whole this year. 

Patrik Essy: How long has Longevity Productions been alive for? Have you ran other production companies before? What are some of the most important things you’ve learned from running your own promo company?

Bri Long: Longevity Productions has been alive since 2017. I had thrown quite a few shows, and a couple music festivals before branding Longevity. 

Patrik Essy: “We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams” that’s a very beautiful quote. Did you create this? If no where did you discover this? Does this quote have any sort of impact on the work you do?

Bri Long: It’s a quote from Gene Wilder in Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory. I’ve loved it since I was a child and I do think it impacts the work that all of us do. As far as a company goes, I’m the dreamer and the artists are the music makers, together we create magic.

Patrik Essy: Alright just a few more questions here, do you plan on doing any live shows for 2021? How are those shows going to be different from what we have seen before? Obviously besides all the covid precautions.

Bri Long: We plan on getting back to shows this year. We strive to bring artists that haven’t been to the area as well as some returning favorites, I think the pool of artists will be very unique in 2021. 

Patrik Essy: How is Longevity Productions different from than the rest? What makes you all stand out?

Bri Long: Longevity Productions has always stood out in Fort Collins because we started from such a strong friend group. There is so much respect throughout our crew, for each other, artists in the community, and the community as a whole. We have members that mentor children music in the community.

Party Guru or No?

Patrik Essy: Would you consider yourself a Party Guru? If yes, why? If no, why? I would say you are!

Bri Long: I would definitely consider myself a Party Guru! I’ve been throwing parties since as early as I can remember, I’ve always loved getting people together to party in any sense of the word, whether it be food, music, art, or comedy. Partying is what I do. 

Patrik Essy: What kind words of advice would you have for somebody trying to make it in this industry? For someone who might like to run their own production company or label one day? 

Bri Long: Be prepared for a lot of learning, not every show will be a sellout, don’t do business deals after 2am.

Patrik Essy: Final question, what can we be on the lookout for? Plug yourself here hahahah. Tease the fans of what we can be on the watch for! 

Bri Long: It’s still pretty early to tell, but we’re planning on bringing back Blissfall Music and Arts Festival this year in some capacity, you can count on a few livestreams, and we’re working on some philanthropy for this year. Be on the lookout for good vibes all around coming from the crew!


As we get excited for the new EP to release we can check out all of Longevity Production’s past projects below. They have done a ton to impact the community. Learn even more about them all in the links found below!

You can also view a full gallery of artists that will be on the new EP below. They are all ones to be on the lookout for. Plus you never know, maybe they have some tracks that you could add to your weekly playlist.

Photos Provided by Longevity Productions

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