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A Celebration of Life – Don Miller, Jr. and His Incredible Legacy

A Celebration of Life – Don Miller, Jr. and His Incredible Legacy


February 26th, 2020

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Whether you are an active part of the Denver electronic music scene, or even if you only attend concerts in Denver every now and then, you have probably heard or seen of the name of Don Miller, Jr.

Sporting peppered hair, dark black sunglasses atop his head and who could ALWAYS be seen holding up a “rock on” sign with his fingers, Don Miller played a monumental role in the thriving electronic music scene here in Denver. His larger-than-life presence instantly lit up any venue, the father having an innate ability to turn strangers into friends.

From constant music promotions to being in the front row for every single set for his son, who is the local legendary bass music DJ and guitarist Donnie “Decadon” Miller. Don was an essential figure to many. His impact on the Denver scene spread far beyond the messages he sent and constant posts he so loved to share and promoting his son’s success in the industry as his manager, but also his best friend. Don’s energy could truly be felt through the screen of any computer—and radiated throughout any venue he stepped foot in.

Don Miller Jr.’s Benefit Concert

In remembrance of Don Miller, Jr. and his adoring family—his loving wife Jean, effervescent daughter Morgan, and rockstar of a son, Donnie, the bass music scene in Denver has organized a Don Miller Benefit concert. It will take place this Wednesday, February 24 at the iconic Ogden Theatre in Denver. The show will feature some of the heaviest artists in town and who all knew and supported Don and the beautiful, fulfilling life he lived. Sullivan King, local heavyweight Brondo, and of course, Decadon himself will headline the event, bringing heavy guitar riffs and even heavier dubstep synths which Don was so passionate about and loved to hear.

The openers for the show will include Fury, KROWD KTRL, Pwnage Method, Trajikk and unannounced special friends. Definitely, making the night a massive bass music party in celebration of Don’s incredible life. All funds raised through this event will go towards the Don Miller family. Also, will help with funeral and other unexpected costs during this difficult time.

Anything heavy always had Don’s name right on the front of it. There’s no question Decadon will continue in his father’s footsteps to uphold the legacy. Which, the Miller family has started within the Denver bass music scene.

You can make a donation through Don’s GoFundMe page here

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