In our vast and varied club scene, you will come across many different types of people. For some weird reason, you often come across many of the same types regardless of music genre. Whether you get down to drum and bass or techno, here’s a quick rundown of the myriad party people you may come across as you explore the scene.

8. Trapped in the ’90s Gangsta

Notice I didn’t say “wannabe gangsta,” because this guy and his whole crew probably sell copious amounts of drugs. You can identify them by their sagging pants, oversized shirts and maybe a bandana. Your mind starts playing the theme song to Ice-T’s “Colors” when they walk in the room.

7. Fashionably Loud or Nearly Naked Burners

Enough said.

6. Hipster Party Boy

These guys usually wear something trendy, either button up or plaid (smh) or both. They might be sporting a smart mustache. You can smell the party on them from a mile away as they dance or simply stand looking mysterious.

5. Hawt Party Girls

These girls are the reason every dance floor has a male-to-female ratio of seven to three. If you have a vagina or identify as a woman and are reading this little list, you might fall into this category.

4. DJ and Their Entourage

A party isn’t a party without music, and there are always a few DJs in the crowd to support (or that are simply part of the crew). You can usually spot DJs with their arms crossed, or at the very least standing without dancing while they talk to other party people.

3. The Professional

These party goers are usually well dressed, either in a preppy, clean-cut look that says “Yes, I’m privileged and you’re privileged to meet me,” or in an outfit so cool and coordinated that again it’s your privilege to meet them. These folks don’t miss a step in their preparedness, whether it means coming to the show with the proper tools or garb. They may or may not be venue staff.

2. Classic Hippie

Yes, these tie-dyed folks are the life of all kinds of parties. You can spot them thanks to their dreadlocks (usually blonde) or the strong odor of patchouli. Nowadays, the hippie has expanded their wardrobe to include crazy loud T-shirts and patchwork pants or skirts.

1. The Wook

You can’t have a list about party people without mention of the wook. Now I know you’re thinking, “Wait a minute, aren’t wooks and hippies the same?” I’d almost say yes, but there is a desperate cluelessness about the wook that does separate them from the hippie.

Hippies were born during the ’60s through a shared rebellion against the corporate structure i.e. the man. Drug abuse was a way to say “I’m not doing what you tell me. I’m going to beat my own drum.” By comparison, the wook is usually more self-serving. Whether you think you’re being unique by joining this EDM culture, it should not be popular and trendy to push the limit with substances. Hippies at least have a job or a way to sustain themselves — a wook will unapologetically ask for food, drugs, hugs, crystals and a place to crash within your first night meeting them.

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