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Have you ever wondered who your favorite DJ Duos would be if they were WWE Tag Teams? No? Well don’t worry, I thought of it for you. Lets dive right in and go over who these DJ duos really remind me of.

1. Dom Summit – DX

John Summit and Dom Dolla oddly resemble DX

What a better way to kick things off than two of the most relatable groups of goofballs these industries have seen. One of them consists of the jokester Aussie DJ with a strangle hold of the house scene, Dom Dolla, while the other half, John Summit, parades around on benders living his playboy lifestyle. DX was made up of the prank-playing, goal-oriented Triple H, accompanied by heartbreak kid Shawn Michaels. A little bit of muscle and a little bit promiscuousness gets you to the top it seems.

2. Swedish House Mafia – Evolution

Evolution and Swedish House Mafia set the stage for their industries.

Two of the most decorated groups in all of entertainment are Evolution and Swedish House Mafia. Both go to show that you can get to the top together, just to break it all up once you get there. Each of these individuals were incredibly successful solo as they were together. Their combined awards and accolades made history in their respective industries. Lets just hope Evolution doesn’t try to make a comeback like SHM did — no one needs to see 80-year-old Ric Flair getting pummeled in a ring.

3. So Tuff So Cute – Team B.A.D.

Two duos of powerhouse women taking over their industry's.

Lets be honest, these two groups pretty much told all the men in the industry to shove it. They make their own rules and do so unapologetically — whether by walking out on the industry as a whole to make their point, or being destructive and promoting inclusivity across all their platforms. These two women duos will be no doubt be remembered as revolutionaries.

4. The Chainsmokers – MNM

The Chainsmokers and MNM have, well, something in common.

Look, we recently heard in an interview that The Chainsmokers enjoy the more than occasional MMF fun on tour. I couldn’t think of a better comparison than WWE’s most prominent MMF tag group, MNM. Need we say more? Both come with the paparazzi, the glitz, and the glam — but lets be honest, it’s totally because of the whole threesome thing they admitted to on air.

5. Tchami b2b Malaa – Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero

Two half masked duos used their culture to cultivate a wild fan base.

You’re telling me its a coincidence that two French guys get together to play music, and two Mexican wrestlers get together to power through wrestling matches, and they both have a dude in a mask? While the “I lie, I cheat, I steal” moniker may not work to match Tchami’s priesthood attire, it definitely matches the vibe of Malaa. I’m here for the party these guys would collectively throw together.

6. Destroid – Hawk and Animal

Destroid and Hawk and Animal were too early for their time, but were much needed to shape their industires further.

As two sets of crazy outfits define their characters, these two groups also previewed the future of their industries. While Hawk and Animal donned face paint and spikes, Destroid took it a level further and took on the personas of if Predator met dubstep. Both were ahead of their time. Hawk and Animal defined the Attitude Era just before it began, and Destroid brought major dubstep acts to the headlining spot, paving the way for many to follow their lead in the current EDM landscape.

Jack Ü – Mega Powers

Two of the most unlikely duo's of incredible stature.

Two of the scene’s biggest most polarizing acts join forces to create one of the most unlikely duos in the industry. Skrillex and Diplo had come together with some of the biggest vocalists in the industry for a one off album titled Skrillex and Diplo Present Jack Ü. Taking over both the dance music and pop charts, the duo made appearances for a short while never to be seen playing together again following a quick touring stint.

Mega Forces consisted of the world-famous Hulk Hogan and “Macho Man” Randy Savage. Despite being two of the largest names in wrestling history, this duo only lasted a little over a year before going their separate ways. They were a force to be reckoned with in the tag team world. Both duos consisted of some wild hair choices and mega personalities creating some of the best moments of their eras.

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