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5am Trio Brings in the First Re:Turn Tuesday of the Year

5am Trio Brings in the First Re:Turn Tuesday of the Year


January 18th, 2020

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5am Trio

5am Trio, a three piece Electronic group consisting of Sam Andrus (5am), Aaron Harel (Zone Drums) and Tygris, headlined the first Re:Turn Tuesday of the year alongside a proper supporting lineup.

The Trio have been busy making waves dropping their first work together early last year and more recently putting out their EP Triovision. From their set they graced the crowd with appearances from flow artists and collaborator Maya Elise.

Opening the night was Waxcat, a trio based out of Denver. Their refreshing approach to electronic music with live vocals was the perfect way to warm up the Fort Collins crowd. Their singles ‘Just A Thing’ and ‘Head Rush’ alone show why this group is poised to make some serious moves in the near future.

Next up was the Brooklyn based producer Malakai. Along with 5am and Tygris, Malakai is part of a New York based forward-thinking music label, blog and production company by the name of The Rust Music. Malakai is fresh off his Odd Views EP that was released just a few months ago. We were fortunate enough to hear some of those tracks during the set.

Re:Turn Tuesdays is the best place to be for Electronic music in Northern Colorado. The Rust Music Showcase was a flawless way to bring in the new decade. With incredible live painters, flow artists, staff and mind melting lasers courtesy of Mindbeam Productions, Hodi’s Half Note makes Tuesday nights a weekly party.

Photos By Roberto Loya

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