John Summit, the king of outrageous tweets, has blessed our timelines with a bounty of unhinged gems in recent years. His Twitter feed is a wild ride from party tales to peculiar proposals! Let’s take a lighthearted look at five of his most unforgettable and hilarious tweets.

“25 Bottles of 1942”

“Drank 25 bottles of 1942 last night, and I got five shows this weekend! Ya boi’s next tour stop should be passages Malibu”

It looks like John Summit found the secret to limitless energy! Who knew that consuming enough tequila to make a pirate blush could land him five shows in a single weekend? We’re curious how this unconventional strategy pans out for his music career. But hey, if it works for him, maybe we should all start sipping on some “inspiration,” too!

“Dose every 60+-year-old white man”

“If we simply dosed every 60+-year-old white man in Washington, we’d live in a much better country for real”

Okay, John, we appreciate your enthusiasm for improving the country, but let’s leave the strategy to the experts, shall we? Dosing might not be the most practical solution, but we can’t help but chuckle at the thought of a nation run by mind-expanded grandpas. It would undoubtedly make politics way more interesting!

John Summit

“Put the Baby in the Bin”

“If there is one hill that I will die on, it is that babies need to be stored in the overhead bins with the carry-ons”

Ah, the eternal struggle of traveling with infants! While we can’t endorse John Summit’s unconventional baby-storage idea, we applaud him for thinking outside the box (or inside the overhead compartment, as it were). We’ll stick to traditional methods and leave the bin for our bags!

“Bender O’Clock”

“It’s bender o’clock, baby”

It’s always good to know the time, even if it’s bender o’clock! John Summit’s carefree approach to timekeeping couldn’t be more entertaining and problematic. But let’s be honest; we’ve all had those moments where time becomes a blur during an epic party. Cheers to living in the moment, John!

60 Min DJ Set

“60 min DJ set is the musical equivalent of an over-the-pants hand job”

We’re still determining how John Summit came up with this comparison, but we’ll give him points for creativity! While it might not be the most conventional way to describe a DJ set, it certainly got our attention. Let’s just say his tweets always leave us pleasantly surprised and slightly bewildered!

John Summit’s Twitter feed is a rollercoaster of hilarity and absurdity. His unhinged tweets take us on a journey of wild party tales, unconventional solutions to societal problems, and some interesting musical metaphors. While we might not always agree with his ideas, we must admit that his tweets are never dull! Here’s to John Summit, the king of keeping us entertained and scratching our heads in the best way possible.

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