Fans holding up "303" hand signs at 3Oh!3 concert

A concert by 3Oh!3 on 303 Day in Denver left us feeling Colorado proud.

March 3rd is affectionately known as 303 Day to Colorado natives. Taking its name from the Colorado area code, it’s a local holiday that represents Colorado’s immersive culture, music, art and breathtaking landscape. To celebrate in style, Denver’s own KTCL Channel 93.3 partnered with 3Oh!3 on 303 Day to bring incredible music and some Colorado love to the Mission Ballroom!

3Oh!3 on 303 Day at Mission Ballroom

If you’re from the 303, you know that Colorado’s riches lie in its natural beauty, green chili dishes, and the artistic skills of the people who live here. Over the years, Denver has become a breeding ground for creativity and serves as the hometown for many established artists. This is something (we think) we should be proud of!

Indeed, Sunday’s show was proof that Denver’s music scene is oozing with great talent. Rising stars N3PTUNE and RSTY, as well as music moguls 3Oh!3, all hail from our beloved Centennial State. Although lovelytheband is from California and Matt and Kim are from New York, they were familiar with Denver’s warm welcome and seemed right at home.

Channel 93.3 touched base between sets to update us on the acts of the night and to thank sponsors like Illegal Pete’s. They also let us know that the show was officially sold out, which reaffirms the amount of support from locals for Colorado’s best!

N3PTUNE + RSTY Open for 3Oh!3 on 303 Day at Mission Ballroom

Opening the night’s festivities were N3PTUNE and guitarist RSTY (real name Alex Restivo). To say the least, they provided no shortage of entertainment and expression. This dynamic duo packed soulful vocals and electric guitar riffs into a set that lit the Mission Ballroom on fire.

Boasting an incredible voice and show-stopping taste in fashion, N3PTUNE took to the stage with prestige and captivated the crowd instantly. With raw lyrics and a catchy tune, their song “Misery Loves Company” was a hit of the night. As N3PTUNE flocked to the rails to interact with fans while singing, Restivo shredded his guitar on stage with a passion that we felt in our core.

According to N3PTUNE’s bio, their popularity surged after their track “Black Horse” was played on Channel 93.3’s radio station. Bookings for shows across the nation poured in, including performances alongside Sleigh Bells and at Electric Forest in rural Michigan.

Following the success of their album RENAISSANCE in 2021, N3PTUNE was also featured by Westword as “Best Breakout Musician” in 2023. Without doubt, N3PTUNE and Restivo are destined for great things. We can’t wait to see how far they’ll go!

lovelytheband Supports 3Oh!3 on 303 Day at Mission Ballroom

lovelytheband (consisting of Mitchy Collins, Jordan Greenwald, and Sam Price) stood out among the rest not only as California-based musicians but also for their highly enjoyable alternative style. Some people were not ready for how much they would adore their set, and it showed. (It’s me, I’m “some people.”)

They greeted us as though we were friends they hadn’t seen in a while. With a warm welcome and a rosy stage presence, they kicked things off without a hitch. All of a sudden, we found ourselves jamming to music that resonated with relationships, mental health awareness, and love.

We loved their song “Sail Away,” which describes letting go of daily troubles to a smooth, easy-going beat! As they played more songs, the energy of the crowd grew and people were dancing everywhere. Although their performance was only 30 minutes long, it was well received and left us wanting more! Let’s just say by the end of their set, I added every song they had available to my playlist.

With their stage presence and doting fans, it’s clear lovelytheband are no strangers to success. In 2017, their hit single “Broken” topped Billboard charts and has garnered over 300 million streams on Spotify alone. Following the release of their most recent album “if we’re being honest” in 2023, their track “Sail Away” is following suit with millions of streams across platforms. Clearly, lovelytheband is keeping up the momentum to bring so much more than one-hit wonder tracks by delivering great music across the board.

Matt and Kim Supports 3Oh!3 on 303 Day at Mission Ballroom

We had the absolute pleasure of witnessing a performance by indie electronic duo Matt and Kim. Equipped with only a drumset, microphones, and a keyboard, these two brought the seemingly-bare stage to life.

Known for their electrifying tracks and witty stage presence, Matt and Kim became the main characters of the night. Their positive energy was simply contagious. For example, the way they speak directly to the crowd throughout the show was organic and made us love them even more. Kim wasn’t afraid to casually hop up on her drum set to get a better look at the crowd as Matt sang cheerfully along beside her.

In addition to their lighthearted music, their sense of humor took their performance to the next level. Even technical difficulties didn’t stop the show for them — they threw balloons out to the crowd, tasked them with inflating them, and attempted to get them up to the balcony. From introducing “adult objects” to the stage and crowd to singing a ballad to each other with hilariously raunchy lyrics, not a moment went by that everyone could be seen smiling.

They confessed to having performed for well over over a decade now, and it’s obvious that their good energy and great music are timeless. For example, their chart-topping hit “Daylight” is still one of their most popular songs. It was first immortalized by its use during a Bacardi commercial in 2009. Not to mention that their edgy music video “Lessons Learned” features the couple stripping down to nothing in the middle of New York, racking millions of views on YouTube over the years. Overall, they brought a unique experience to the show that we won’t soon forget.

3Oh!3 Performs on 303 Day at Mission Ballroom

3Oh!3 (members Motte and Foreman) came correct in Rocky Mountain National Forest ranger uniforms and had lots of surprises in store for us! During their song “My First Kiss,” they brought out the Denver Nuggets Drum line to play along to their song. Then, halfway through, we were dazzled as the Denver Nuggets cheer squad joined them on stage for a performance that became the most Colorado thing we’ve ever seen.

Later, Motte and Foreman brought the Denver Nuggets performers Average Joes on stage to bless us with a dance show. (We are seeing a theme here and love it.) 3Oh!3 songs are known for having crude language, and the crowd was eating up their dance as they grooved to “Touchin’ on My!” Then, they brought out bluegrass-style band Head For The Hills to play instrumentals for their song “My Dick.” The poise that the band members held as Motte and Foreman sang was admirable and hilarious. I felt that bringing this very talented local band to play one of their songs was a brilliant addition to the show!

Boasting multiple VMA nominations, several chart-topping hits, and an enormous fan base, it’s clear Motte and Foreman have become an influential part of the music industry. For instance, according to Billboard, they had three songs hit the top ten of the “Billboard Hot 100” for up to 37 weeks!

Not only that, but collaborations like “Blah Blah Blah” featuring Ke$ha and “Starstrukk” featuring Katy Perry are testaments to how loud their music was in the early 2000s. From hype-up songs to light-hearted tracks, these two took a whole generation by storm with their music. It was an honor to see them perform in Denver. 😍

All in all, this show was interactive and spectacular. In high school, I dreamed of the day I’d see 3Oh!3 live. I know I wasn’t the only one at the Mission Ballroom who used to play “PUNKBITCH” on repeat. In the early 2000s, I’d shout along to the lyrics anywhere and everywhere.

As a Colorado native myself, I was glad to check seeing 3Oh!3 on 303 Day off my bucket list. 3Oh!3 thoughtfully designed this show to be all about our beloved home state. It’s clear that this concert was a love letter to Colorado about everything it has to offer.

Photos by Angela Karami

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