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Anyone who’s been in Colorado long can tell you that March 3rd has always been an unofficial, statewide holiday. Ean Thomas Tafoya’s Tafoya For Mayor campaign will be hosting an excellent party featuring art, music, food and vendor pop-ups at the Shisha Leafa Lounge for 303 Day’s [sic]. As the nature of a pop-up event is that who shows up will be a surprise, attendance is recommended for those curious.

Ean Thomas Tafoya, for those into politics or who wish to know about who’s throwing the event, is a young Denverite running for mayor this year. Don’t let his age fool you, however. The man is very experienced in the realm of public service. The event his campaign has decided to throw is a testament to his personal beliefs.

Ean supports and fights for both civil rights and environmental justice. He views his
public service as a duty to the land and the people of Colorado. He is a proud Metropolitan State University of Denver Alumni (go Road Runners!). As a patron of the arts, Ean Thomas’ campaign is proud to present such an amazing event for his supporters.

303 Day’s is supported by Callywood Music, Fr8Heavy Cypher, and FamBAM Productions. It features a silent disco with talent provided by the likes of BCarrick MGMT, MHSR and 2nd Line. Fr8heavy Cypher runs the main stage with music from DJ Konz, Smallboifunk, and DJ Cos. The Fr8heavy stage promises the longest-running freestyle cypher in the city.

For those that feel like having a puff, Shisha Leafa Lounge offers premium shisha made exclusively from hemp. The organic shisha is nicotine and tobacco free. Operating under the belief that “tradition does not preclude innovation. It enhances it,” the lounge will offer an intimate setting for those attending the event.

Anyone interested in following the event can visit the Facebook page here. Tickets are available now!

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