What’s up, Red Rocks revelers? 🎸🌟 The amphitheater doors swung open to unveil a season that will be more lit than your fave vintage neon sign. Think 150+ nights of music magic under those iconic stars. Ready to join the party? Here’s how to rock your Red Rocks experience with flair and finesse:

Gear Up for the Gig

  • Bag it like a Boss: Small but mighty is the motto here. Your bag should be single-pocket and snug as a bug with dimensions no bigger than 13″ x 15″ x 8″. Purses? Keep them cute and compact at 6″ x 9″. It’s all about packing smart and sleek.
  • Hydration Station: Thirsty? Red Rocks has you covered. You can bring factory-sealed non-alcoholic drinks up to 32 oz to keep you hydrated as you headbang. Do you want to go eco? Empty reusable water bottles (32 oz or less) are cool, too.
  • Snack Attack in Style: Pack those snacks in a clear plastic bag (one gallon or less). Pre-sliced fruits and veggies only — let’s not turn this into a fruit-chopping fest. It’s like bringing your mini food festival to the concert.

2024’s New Grooves

  • Glow with the Flow: Love twirling a glow stick or spinning a flow toy? Just make sure they’re concert approved. Keep the party glowing without stepping on any toes.
  • What Not to Bring: Picture this: you’re on a deserted island, but make it concert-style. Leave behind anything that doesn’t fit the chill vibe of Red Rocks. This includes alcohol (save those vibes for the lot), drones (the stars are the only things flying tonight), and oversized bags (because we’re all about dancing space).

Dress Code: Colorado Chic

Navigating Colorado’s weather is like flipping through a playlist: expect all the genres. Sunblock for those sunny jams, layers for when the chill beats drop, and maybe a rain poncho for surprise shower tracks. Always be ready for the next tune!

Parking and Tailgating: The Ultimate Guide

  • Adventure to the Gates: Free parking means your concert experience starts with a scenic trek from car to amphitheater. Think of it as the prelude to the main event. Comfy shoes are a must; this is your chance to show off those stylish yet practical kicks.
  • Carpooling is Caring: Not only does carpooling make you a hero for the environment, but it also sets the stage for an epic pre-concert singalong. Plus, navigating post-concert traffic is way more fun with friends.
  • Tailgating 101: Ready to tailgate? Here’s how to do it Red Rocks style:
    • Location, Location, Location: Tailgating is all about the vibe. At Red Rocks, that means keeping it to the back of your vehicle for a cozy, intimate pre-show bash.
    • Grill and Chill: Small gas grills are the way for that gourmet parking lot cuisine. Just remember: open flames and charcoal grills are a no-no. We’re cooking up good times, not forest fires.
    • The Soundtrack: Blasting your favorite tunes is a given, but let’s not outdo the concert. Keep the volume to a level where you can still complement your neighbor’s choice of snacks.
    • Pack It In, Pack It Out: Red Rocks is a natural wonder, and we like to keep it pristine. Whatever you bring in, make sure it leaves with you. This includes all trash, leftovers and even that inflatable alien you thought would be a fun mascot.
Tailgating at Red Rocks

Cheers and Chill

  • Pre-Show Protocol: The parking lots are your oyster for those pre-concert toasts. Beer and wine? Absolutely. Remember, glass bottles are the ultimate party foul here. Plastic and cans only, please.
  • The Designated Zones: Smoking and vaping have their spots at Red Rocks. Stick to the designated areas to keep the air as fresh as the beats.

Smooth Entries and Exits

  • Strategic Drop-Offs and Pick-Ups: Whether arriving in style or just rolling up with the squad, there’s a spot for every entrance. And when the night’s over, have a game plan for finding your ride amid the happy chaos of fellow concert-goers.

Tickets and Tots

  • Digital Dance: AXS is your digital doorway to the concert. Easy peasy, ticket breezy. Have you got little rockers? Kids under two get in free, but they’ve got to rock out from your lap.

Roll Out the Welcome Mat

  • Accessibility Rocks: At Red Rocks, everyone gets a front-row experience. Need a hand or a spot that suits your needs? They’ve got you covered because music is for everyone. Just make sure you make your accommodations when you are purchasing your ticket. If you need more help, head to the Box Office! 
A Concert at Red Rocks

And there you have it, folks: the ultimate guide to mastering your Red Rocks adventure, from gate to encore. With over 150 shows lighting up the stage, each visit promises its unique blend of memories, melodies, and moments that’ll stick with you long after the final note fades.

Remember, Red Rocks is where the magic of music meets the grandeur of nature, creating experiences that transcend the ordinary. So, pack smart, party responsibly, and embrace every moment. Whether it’s your first time or a seasoned vet, there’s always something new to discover, a new friend to make, or a new song to fall in love with.

So lace up your dancing shoes, tune into the vibes, and prepare to be part of the Red Rocks legacy. Here’s to a season of unforgettable nights, shared experiences, and joy that only live music under the stars can bring.

See you at the Rocks, where every concert is more than just a show — it’s an experience that echoes in your heart forever. Let’s make this season the best one yet. Rock on! 🌟🎸

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