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20 Years Of Cosmic Gate

20 Years Of Cosmic Gate


November 27th, 2019

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Legends of Trance

For nearly 20 years, German trance duo Nic and Bossi, aka Cosmic Gate, have pushed the limits of music; crushing stages and dance floors worldwide. Within the past two decades the group has amassed an impressive discography, curated their own radio station and label, taken part in historic parties, and earned themselves a Grammy nomination. Furthermore, their live sets and production have locked in a spot on DJ Mag’s Top 100 and captivated audiences and listeners internationally.

With paragon singles “Exploration of Space” and “Fire Wire” having both reached over 10 million streams on Spotify, it’s impossible not to recognize their influence within the culture. In addition, their remix and collaborative work with other artists truly display the duo’s ability to use their knowledge to create unique and nuanced tracks. Likewise, with nearly 10 studio albums, a slew of remixes, and tons of singles, their projects have seen rise to significant critical and notable success within recent years.
This momentum is exemplified by their 2019 release [Forward Ever Backward Never] which marked a milestone in the group’s career. This was coupled by an international tour that will run until the end of the year.

Influence and Legacy

To be sure, Cosmic Gate’s influence extends far and wide. Their names have been featured on countless lineups over the past 20 years. And their most notable singles are now trance anthems. Their success is bolstered not only by their remarkable talent but also by their ability to thrive and adapt within the scene. In addition, their live sets are stellar and can transport any dance floor into a new plane. As early as 1999 they were producing music and taking bookings from their hometown in Germany.

Their mainstream success has been maintained in areas like Europe and the US since the group’s conception. But it didn’t reach the capacity it holds presently until the later half of the decade. In early 2010, their remix of composer James Horner’s “I See You” – known from the film Avatar – earned them a nomination for Best Remixer in the 2010 IDMA’s. The success of both the film score and studio work added some extra heat to their already boiling success. Likewise, in 2011 CG presented “Wake Your Mind” from the album Be Your Sound. The official music video now has a little under 16 million views on YouTube.

Through a New Lens

In addition, Start To Feel was released in 2014 as an effort to get fans to approach their music with a new lens. The album was an immediate success reaching the iTunes’ top 10 in Germany, Russia, the US and Canada. The album’s success featured a tour that had Nic and Bossi on a 13-show run over a 16-day stretch.

After that, between 2015 and 2016, Cosmic Gate continued to wow the musical world with collaborations with Armin Van Buuren and Ferry Corsten. Their tracks “Embrace” and “Event Horizon” saw international success with “Event Horizon” charting Beatport’s Trance Category in October of 2016. In 2018, CG received a nomination for their first Grammy. The group’s work on Gabriel & Dresden and Sub Teal’s “Only Road” earned them the nomination and academy attention. The success for the two continued to roll over into 2019 with the aforementioned release and tour.

The Interview

This interview was conduct via email.
Our teams linked up near the end of October. Since then, both Nic and Bossi were kind enough to write us back and give an inside look at Cosmic Gate presently and what is ahead for the group. We asked about their 20 year celebration tour, their projects, the future of CG, and some awesome thoughts on their process. They also dropped fantastic advice for both fans, musicians, and the music community as a whole.

For starters, I want to extend two big “thank you’s”; both at a personal level and on behalf of the Party Guru Press Team. We are so stoked to chat with the two of you, thank you!

20 Year Anniversary Celebration

Diving right in we wanted to talk about their monumental 20 year anniversary celebration and some of their favorite moments. The two have been touring throughout the majority of 2019 and have international bookings from now as far out as April of 2020.

PGP: “What have been some of the key moments from your 20th anniversary celebration?”
CG: “Well overall, let us say, we could not have wished for a nicer or better tour in any ways. The support was just overwhelming, and some crowds truly outdid themselves and basically left us in awe. It was just great to see, how fans from different parts of our career came out together, mixed up and gave us such fantastic warm welcomes. Thanks so much to everyone, if you guys read this, it was very special to us and we are looking forward to way more to come and see you guys back again soon!”

Freaky Deaky

Our teams reached out to each other right around the end of October. At the time, I was personally down in Huston covering Freaky Deaky, a show the two blew away. Having been in attendance for their set I knew I had to ask them about it.

PGP: “What were your thoughts on Freaky Deaky and your recent performance there?”
CG: “We always have a great time in Houston and so we sure did at Freaky Deaky! The weather on this Sunday was just awesome, the stage looked great, the crowd was into our set, we had a great time – the only bad thing was, we only had an hour to play!”

It was a Halloween smash, thank you guys for the great set!

PGP: “Where are you guys headed next?”
CG: “We are about to head out for some more shows in the US, and after that we will be in Asia and Australia for a couple of weeks, with the highlights being EDC China and Festival X in Australia.”

The Heart of Cosmic Gate

Moving on, we wanted to get the heart of their music at the moment.

PGP: “Are you collaborating with any artists right now for a future release, or have you guys still been focusing on the release of your retrospective EP?”
CG: “We indeed are working on new music for a while now, a Remix for Armin van Buuren will be out soon, and our own new music for 2020 is in the making too, both solo and collaboration tunes, we will keep you guys posted!”

PGP: “What were your influences in making the track, “Need To Feel Loved,” that was released earlier this year? We love the vocal and vibe!”
CG: “Well, it’s known Need to Feel Loved is not our tune, its a cover version from Reflekts Need to feel Loved Back from 2004. Its a song we have such big respect for, the vocals and strings, its one of the nicest dance tunes ever written and we tried to create a version handmade for our dj sets, but most importantly while doing this, treat the song with the respect it deserves, keep the structures and vibes alive, and add our Cosmic Gate X factor to it hopefully.”

Trance Community

From here we wanted to take a turn towards their thoughts on the music community, what they might be listening to, and what the future holds for Cosmic Gate.

PGP: “What do you think 2020 has in store for the music community and Trance as a genre?”
CG: “That’s a good question! We feel the scene is as lively and wider than it’s ever been from the musical perspective. It goes from the very deep and progressive trance up towards the fast, psy trance style, there is so much in-between, something for every taste, and we hope that Trance keeps pushing and evolving even more – this is what we hope for 2020!”

PGP: “Your performances take you all over the world and to different music scenes. From your experience, what Trance sub-genres are really popular right now in other countries around the world?”
CG: “It’s quite hard to say, we know the two last big movements years ago have been the back to 140 beats followed by psy trance, but we actually could not be different in our sound compared to these genres.  We simply do our own thing anyways, as we always did, and always will. We write music we like, which genre critics might add it too, we can’t control and do not care much about it actually, the music is what counts and less the sticker on it.”

The Core of Cosmic Gate

Lastly, we asked about their process. We wanted to expose their core a little and hear firsthand how they handle their creative work.

PGP: “Can you highlight any specific points of your creative process while making music?”
CG: “When producing a new song, the creative process is always different in the end. Being in the studio, a song can start with a melody, or maybe a good bass sound which results in a baseline, or maybe it can be a vocal like it was in Need To Feel Loved. But what basically all these songs have in common is that there is this point in the production process, when you might have worked on it for a while, but then somehow you come up with another idea, and suddenly this gives an extra surge to a track. Everything somehow falls into place and starts making sense, so yeah, this is the moment we like to highlight, when we are both like, yes, that’s it, here we go! This was the last missing piece we needed!”

Chasing the Dream

PGP: “What advice can you give for producers and musicians who are out there chasing the dream?”
CG: “First of all, be in it for the right reasons, it’s all about music, the love for it, nothing else. If you want to become a DJ  because of the shining lights and champagne – and we are not sure these are the right reasons, at least for us! – then of course, be unique in your music, do not copy others as you are always just chasing a dream, while the goal should be other guys copying you instead. As hard as it is, always try to create something unique and good luck ☺”


Wonderful responses from two legendary musicians; Nic, Bossi, we can’t thank you enough for chatting with us. The pleasure of this cyber interview is all ours and our only wish is that we had more time. Cosmic Gate has a number of tour dates throughout November and December with bookings and tours scheduled into the new year. In addition, if you happen to be a local fan you can catch them at Decadence, Colorado on December 31 to celebrate NYE. Also be sure to tune into WYM Radio as it nears its 300th episode, these guys are full of benchmarks this year!

The horizons for Cosmic Gate look especially bright as they journey onward into 2020. From the sound of it we can expect new releases, remixes, and collaborations from the duo. From our vantage point, we can only watch with anticipation and excitement for what they have prepared in the decade.

Once again, congratulations on 20 years of Cosmic Gate!

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