Coco Bongo goes bananas

Summertime is practically upon us, and the Coco Bongo made that clear as day. The skies are clearing (aside from the Canadian wildfire smoke), the temperature is warming up, and that means pools are back on the shenanigans menu. There aren’t very many places that offer a nice view from a pool within city limits. X Denver is a unique networking concept in the heart of Denver offering residents and the community alike to connect.

X Denver offers private and co-living residencies within a members-only club. Members only typically means something is exclusive to a specified group of people, with little room for exception. Residents at X Denver have full access to any events or gatherings taking place within the building and are allowed up to three guests per occasion.

On May 20th, 2023, 128 Productions put together one such event hosted on the rooftop of X Denver: Coco Bongo. Now that summer is rearing its beautiful head, the time to party in the sun is here! A pool party is really the best to go, right? Don’t forget the pool floaties!

From Flamingos to Bananas

This special event was open to the public and residents alike and featured a full bar, tacos, and three sets of talented DJs. Katie Turtle (stage name TRTL) was on deck for the first two hours of the party. Her take on house and techno served as the appetizer for the rest of the event.

Her set led up to the one by duo onerus seamlessly. They ramped up the momentum of the party with their style of house music, sweeping the growing crowd closer to the dance floor.

Two hours flew by like a cannon ball in the pool, and CJ wasted no time hitting the decks running. His high-energy remixes lit a fire under the Bongo and held fast through the end.

Coco Bongo was a wild networking success, showcasing growing names in the Denver dance music scene. The talents brought to the stage a groove that marks the kick-off for summer shenanigans.

Although the smoke from the wildfires in Alberta, Canada put a massive strain on Colorado’s air quality, the sun made appearances throughout the party. The weather held out so the Bongo could go all out, and it was an experience few get the chance to have.

128 Productions has more events in store for summer in the heart of Denver, keep an eye out for more unique locations and events!

Photos by Daren Lee

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